Cookin' Classes are Fun!


We didn’t just pull this idea out of our you know where we did our homework. We took every class out there and got feedback from everyone we know to create the ultimate culinary experience.

Don’t just learn, experience!


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Our Master Chef

Christy Hess

Christy knew from a young age that cooking was her true calling in life. Coming from a Greek family, she cooked with her Mom and Yiayia (that’s Greek for Grandma) from a very young age, grabbing a stool so she could see what was happening on the stove. Helping out wherever she could, Christy was cooking an entire Easter dinner by the time she was in high school – for the whole family!

Watching her family’s excitement as they experienced that first bite, filled her with joy, and a hunger to cook more. A joy which motivated her all the way to culinary school.

Following graduation from Oregon Culinary Institute, Christy spent 5 insane years in the industry, working at all types of restaurants throughout Oregon and California. What an intense and crazy 5 years they were! In 2014, she decided to hang up her apron and try a different career path with more stability (and weekends off). But her passion of cooking for others never waned…

One day in early 2019, Christy dragged her husband Nick (a businessman) to a cooking class. That was the day that everything changed. During the class, they turned to each other and said “hey, we should be doing this!” and the inspiration flowed. With years of experience and that unwavering passion, the ideas for recipes and classes were as endless as a bottomless Bloody Mary!

After a short hiatus, Christy had rediscovered her true calling in life. With some well marinated ideas and experience, Christy decided to open Cookin’ Classes, together with her husband Nick. Now, not only does she get to cook delicious food for others and experience that true joy when they take their first bite, she gets to pass that joy on to others.

The Cookin’ Class Experience

Quarterly Rotating Menus

We don’t just have the same 40 classes we rotate through we invent new ones every quarter so it is always new and exciting. 

Fresh Ingredients

We have partnered with local farms and suppliers to bring in the freshest possible ingredients for you to cook with.

Experiences for Everyone

We know some of you want a true date night and others want to let loose and have fun. We have classes for everyone.


Who wants to wait forever for food? We have you covered with snacks as soon as you walk in the door.

We Have Parking

Welcome to the suburbs where we have an actual parking lot for our classes. Easy to find by Washington Square Mall

Did Someone Say Drinks

Our bar is open from the minute you walk in. Who waits to drink till they are done cooking at home!? Not us!

What People Asked Us For

Where's my drink?

We start with the beginning of the class the number 1 complaint no drink until the end. I am sorry but when I am cooking at home this doesn’t wait till I sit down for dinner and it shouldn’t for you either. Upon check-in to most of our classes we will provide you with a number of chips. These can be exchanged for drinks at any time not just when we are done cooking. We always have a selection of Wine, Beer, and a Signature Winetails for the class. We want you to not only learn but let loose and have fun. You drink on your schedule not ours.

Did they wash their hands?

Next we come to the actual preparation of the meal. Complaint number 2 is that you either don’t make all of the meal or you are eating something other people prepared. The way we see it one way is more of a social experience where the other is more of a intimate private group experience. So we took that and built on it with different types of classes so you know exactly what to expect at booking. Some classes will be just couples making each other meals where others will be big group classes where everyone pitches in. No matter what type of experience you are looking for we will have it and display it prominently before booking.

Do I get to cook anything?

Class size another issue people have. Some of the classes in Portland are up to 24 people and the more people the less you get to do. Going along with our fluctuating class type our class sizes will also fluctuate to give everyone more of what they are looking for. Our classes will range from 12-24 people with some being date night esque with just 2 people per station and others having up to 4 people per station.  4 people will be our max per station to make sure everyone gets time to cook. All classes are clearly labeled what they are.

Can I use my gift card?

Lastly, we come to frequency and availability of classes. Many people we talked to discussed having gift cards they were never able to use because classes they want were always full. We decide to make our classes a bit more repetitive to accommodate this. All of our classes will be running for an entire quarter. There won’t just be one opportunity for that Aphrodisiac class you want to take there will be 6 before it goes always and something new takes it’s place. We want to keep our menu of classes fresh but also give everyone who wants to time to experience the class.

Ready for your first class?

Don’t be shy. Let us know if you have any questions!

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