Cookin’ Class COVID-19 Response

To help keep our patrons safe during this difficult time we want to let you know of a few changes we are making.

**Per Governors order masks are now required during all classes when not eating or drinking.**

Super Clean

We are extensively cleaning before and after each class using a disenfectant solution known to kill not only the COVID-19 virus but also the flue and common cold. All tables and equipment are cleaned prior to each class as well as the bathroom, bar, and door handles.

Smaller Classes & Individual Booking

We are reducing classes to a maximum of 12 people thru the end of September. We will also with the exception of Date Night classes allow for individuals to book their own table so they can still attend and have their own individual space. 

Rebook Anytime

We have updated our cancellation policy through the end of April to allow for you to move your reservation at any time should you feel uncofortable about going out or be feeling ill the day of the class. We want to encourage people to stay home if they feel sick and come visit us another day.

Ample Space Between Patrons & Masks-

Our tables are 8 feet long and at least 5 feet apart. Giving you plenty of room to stretch out and your own space to work. Our staff are also wearing masks whenever possible. 



Multiple Handwashing Sinks & Replaced are the multi-use towels with papertowels-

Each is equipped with antiseptic soap. The best way to limit the spread of any disease is to wash regularly we support that!

Individual Portioned Snack Bar-

No more bowls and tongs we have swapped out our our snack bar for individual cups. 

Cook your own food at your own station-

Only you and any guest you invite are touching or being near your food and prep area. 

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